Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Month of July

The first weekend in July we decided to go backpacking with some of our friends. Just an overnight trip, but well worth the hike into the remote mountain lake. I had several great pictures yet unfortunately when we got back I could not find my camera. I turned the house upside down, made a post on craiglist, and even drove back up there the next weekend and to no avail the camera never showed. So since I only like to make posts with pictures my blog updates have been non existent. I have accumulated enough pictures from various resouces to make my blog post worth read.

Spudman Olympic- 2nd overall, fastest run

The water was too choppy to hold the swim according to the race director. After postponing the race for 1.5 hours they finally decided on a bike/run by age group. Basically I lost time on the bike and then made up some time on the run and finished second.

Next pics and more races!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Main Street Mile

For several years I have wanted to compete in the main street mile. The event takes place downtown Boise in the evening. In the past I have been injured, participating in a triathlon or watching Ironman CDA. The mile has always been one of my favorite events. I believe that the mile is a true test of stregth, speed, and heart. So when I was invited to be on a team I gladly accepted. My team captain wanted to have 5 guys run around 5min miles. Well not only did we take the team title but we had 4 of the 5 top spots. Having top 4 avg less about 4:58. The pics below show how the race panned out.

The race started out too easy and allowed for Antonio to hide waiting to pounce

I ran in 2nd place for the first 800

Antonio sitting behind me and then unleashing a surge at 1k

I decided not to go with him and wait to kick in the last 250, didnt work!

I felt great and just ran out of time to catch Antonio, he won by .4 seconds. The race was a blast and I ended up with a 4:47. Solid effort and got to check this off my bucket list!

Until next time....

Monday, June 27, 2011

Training update

My arm has healed nicely and I have resumed training full steam ahead. I took 6 weeks off swimming so my fitness dropped dramatically in the pool. I was able to continue biking and running like a mad man. My first race is going to be the local olympic triathlon Spudman on July 9th. This will be a great test to see where my fitness is at in the swim. Lately the weather has been fantastic and riding in the sun never gets old.

Big gear repeats on Stillwell loop in Eagle

My new recovery drink...sweet tea!

Until next time....

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Boise 70.3- Neil Bangs race report

Boise 70. 3

I had several friends racing this year as well as my good pal Neil. Neil has been putting in massive hours of training with the Team TBB development program. He was hoping to be top 3 amateur, but fell short on the run. Overall a solid effort with both PR's in the swim and bike. He is becoming a monster on the bike and now he just has to run to his potential.

Neil had his own cheer squad, Meg!

Neil posted a 2:18 bike split

Starting to pick the pace up....

I am telling Neil that 3rd place in his age group is 5 sec in front with only 200 yards to the finish!
Job well done...4th in age group and total time 4:21 over 20 min faster than last year!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Off-Road YMCA Sprint- Race report

Two weeks ago...before broken arm!

Well this was my first race back after a long hiatus of injury. Although it was a seemingly small race I still wanted to race well. My typical racing schedule does not include Xterra racing, but since the infamous Adam Wirth helped put the race on I wanted to support his efforts. Adam was nice enough to let me borrow his cross bike for the race (or I was dumb enough to borrow it) since I only mountain bike about once or twice a year, although I enjoy it, fitting it into my road roading just doesnt work. Anyhow Neil and I did a pre ride of the grueling 8.5 mile (lol) course the day before. I felt like the cross bike would be fine as long as I took the downhills carefully. The next morning I was nervous and unprepared for the race preperations. Out of practice and excited to race again, my wife had to make sure I was ready like a little kid on first day of school. "Got your race belt, shoes, number, etc," she said. What would I do without her! Off to the race...

I start first with the fastest swim split. I know its only a small sprint race but still pretty excited..calm down...off on my bike I go. My plan bike as fast as possible for the first loop! One min into the race Pro Adam Wirth passes me like I am on bike with training wheels.

I thought well he a pro, then 3 more people pass me! Darn it! Ok time to really focus and ride hard. I sit in 5th place for the rest of the loops. Gaining respect from my fellow racers for racing on borrowed cross bike and keeping the gap small on top guys. Into transition I am in 5th place.

Neil right on my heels. My goal run as fast as possible for as long as possible. I know great racing strategies for the the bike and run! I pass John Shilt at about 1.5 miles in, then the next racer, now I am in 3rd. With only 3.5 miles on the run I could not make up the gap on Tom or Adam. Finishing strong and fastest run of the day, I was happy! Tom and Adam are fantastic athletes and my hat goes off to those guys. After the race we hung out for some great food and raffle prizes. I even won a free entry to Xterra Canada...which later Adam informed me that its the most difficult course on the circuit. Well I guess I am going to need to borrow a bike, and maybe I should ride a few times beforehand? Great race overall and fun being back in the mix with the boys.

Me and Dr. J

Adam 1st, Tom 2nd, Me 3rd

Until next time....

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The day it happened

The title sounds super cheesy, but since my mom is one of two who reads my blog daily she will think its funny! You see when I was in second grade I wrote a short story about my friend getting stabbed in the face with scissors, and it was famously titled, "The day it happened." I even drew scissors with blood dripping down them for the cover...sick..but hey my teacher said she wanted a catchy cover page! Anyways my friend was OK and now I can get to the point of this blog which ends with me getting a fractured arm...So lets take a journey and see what happened.
Once upon a Sunday, I decided to meet up with Neil for a 2.5 hour ride. Although the sun was shining the wind had an icy bite to it. For much of the ride I was tired, sore, and cold so the entire experience was far from enjoyable. I came home to see Meg was baking (as usual) so I relaxed for the afternoon, and planned on setting out for an hour run that evening. The winds were calm, sun was starting to set, and I felt as though my days work was going to end well. So right before I suit up and head out to run I tell meg a foreshadowing thought, "all I have to do is stay healthy for 4 weeks and its off to Texas for my big race!" She gives me a kiss goodbye and I drove off. I decided to run a new trail out by by the canal near Bowen Crossing. The run started off great and kiah (my dog) was out running in front of me. The plan was to run steady for 30 min and then tempo back to the car. After 45 min of running I was feeling good. Then we started to approach a couple with a golden retriever....(input slow scary music) and kiah bolted towards the dog, and within a blink of an eye I was hitting the dirt.

She looks harmless, but don't let her fool you!

She had scared the other dog and therefore making her run right in front of me tripping me awkwardly landing on my elbow first. Right away I knew something bad had happened. I jogged slowly back to the car and drove home. When I got home Meg was gone running in the park, I ran over and told her we needed to go to the hospital. She then told me hesitantly we needed to wait for her bread to bake so after a 15 minute wait (no big deal the damage was done)...we went to the ER.

ER bracelet...

A splint, x-rays, and some pain medication I was sent home with a note saying undetermined diagnoses, and we needed to see an orthopedist. Luckily I coach masters swimming, and Dr. Jeff Shilt swims in my class. He is a great person, and superb doc so I went to him first thing the next morning. He said that my radius was fractured near the elbow. Good thing it wasn't displaced so no surgery needed.

I look so rugged...

So with about 3 weeks of no swimming, competing in Texas is out of the question. I can however bike indoors and start running as the pain goes down. I plan on laying out a new season plan soon. So just when you think you have it all figured out life throws me the ole curve ball. My mom told me the story of how Abe Lincoln failed and tried so many times at being president and yet no one remembers him for that, they only remember him for what he achieved. Like the old proverb says," smooth seas doesn't make skillful sailors."

P.S I didn't take kiah to the pound!

Until next time.....

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Climbing...my new favorite hobby

Recently with the better weather I have been able to bike outside more. I have been doing a lot of hill work on my bike. For some odd reason doing hill repeats has become my latest obsesssion. The deep burn in my quads, and calves accompanied by the views from the top make me keep coming back for more. There is a hill that takes between 5-10 minutes to bike up then pedal down and repeat. I just put it in my biggest gear slowly pedal and try not to fall over. I feel that bike strength is my biggest limiter in triathlons, so this year I have focused on it. People have always known me as being a weak biker and quite frankly it has been true. This year its different and hopefully all the work I have put in on the bike will surprise some people. Although this will probably always follow me in my career. Heck look at Craig Alexander, known as a weak biker in his early career and people still describe him in this manner. Well hopefully I follow in the same footsteps and my career ends up like Craig's...a weak biker and WORLD CHAMPION!

Up the hill building those calves

Now back down...repeat!

Starting to get tired...only two more left!

Happy to be done with those intervals..they hurt so good.

Its about the journey not the destination.

Until next time....

Spring Training

Lately the weather has been anywhere between 30 and snowy to 60 and sunny. Spring has been crazy and so getting out on the trails has been few and far between. Neil and I had a couple of runs to do so we headed on hulls gulch trail. As for my training it been going well and with my first major race in 5 weeks I am just training to stay healthy and get the training done. I am getting anxious and excited for the season. It has been so long since I have been able to race, and I forgot how much I missed competing. I participated in a sprint race last weekend and when I get some photos I will post a report. Until then enjoy the pics!

Me running trying to catch up to kiah (my cattle dog)

Following Neil in the foothills

Kiah loves the spring time because she gets infinite water breaks

Until next time....